The game is simple.  If you’ve ever played fantasy football, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself in a difficult spot setting your lineup just before game-day.  Of the ten years I’ve been playing fantasy football in multiple leagues, I’ve seen one team take their fantasy championship with the entire team they drafted.  Draft preparation is arguably the single most important determining factor in your fantasy team’s strength, but surprisingly few people would agree that team management is a close second.  One of the most frustrating feelings in fantasy football is to watch your first-round pick go down with a serious injury in week 1, and that feeling is seemingly always followed by watching your biggest sleeper pick just continue to hit the snooze button on his talent week in and week out.  Many fantasy owners would choose to just give up, and add another story to the fantasy nightmare pile.  Enter this crudely edited wordpress blog.  The purpose of my blog is to help find talent where many fantasy owners refuse to search– that second or third page of the waiver wire.  There’s no reason to limit your sleeper pool to whatever Michael Fabiano has hand-picked for you in one of his fifteen articles he’s required to post a week.  This blog isn’t about finding you a 30 point player in a pinch, but it will aim to at least provide you 10 points or more from a player owned in less than 10% of leagues.  It will also take into account that player’s upcoming schedule so (hopefully) you can jump on the bandwagon right before the push, and know when to cut ties and trade hot or abandon all together.  Each week I will select three 10-point players, and provide a recap of how they did the following week.  And without further ado…


About ais4ocho

I'm a 25 year old trying to get into the IT industry to I can begin what I'm hoping to be a long career.
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1 Response to Preface

  1. newfcollins says:

    I like this. As a huge fantasy football guy, I always believe in grabbing those sleeper picks and riding them to victory. In my draft yesterday, I took Kareem Huggins and Demaryius Thomas.

    Nice idea for a site. I’m tired of all the draft blogs always talking about Favre and Manning. I’m going to link to it from my blog.

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